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Connection and healthy attachment are key ingredients for the security of your child and a growing, deepening family.  

As an adolescent, I struggled to find secure and healthy attachment in relationship with my parents and in other areas of my life.  Connecting with my therapist early on and working to understand how trauma had effected my life and relationships fueled my passion to pursue work in the field of mental health.  I believe everyone, children and adolescents included, can have healthy, stable, committed and connected relationships in their lives.  For many it doesn’t come naturally and takes intentional work to heal and correct dysfunctional behaviors and habits.  Your story is unique and your healing journey will be likewise.  

Families come in all shapes, sizes, and dynamics, but helping your family grow and connect is why I practice as a mental health provider.

One area aside from Family counseling I specialize in is with Foster and Adoptive Families.  In most cases, children who have a background in foster care or adoption deal with attachment trauma and can make it difficult to bond with their new family.  Additionally, families who choose to foster or adopt may have dynamics that create a disconnect both for them and the child.  BUT, I believe and have seen many families heal, learn to connect with one another, and move past an attachment trauma dynamic to a healthy and happy family! 

My greatest desire is for families to connect with one and heal together! I’d love to see that happen for you and your family! 

Parenting On Purpose

What is Parenting on Purpose?

Parenting on Purpose is an initiative I began at the beginning of 2021 to encourage, support, and resource families longing for deepening relationships and meaningful connection.  Life can be full of distractions, challenges, and unexpected events.  As a parent, it can be difficult to cultivate connection and a deepening relationship with our kids amongst the challenges of every day life! And sometimes a little extra encouragement and practical advice can go a long way.  

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