Fostering And Adoption 


Fostering and adoption are beautiful expressions of unconditional love.  At the same time, fostering and adoption can also be overwhelming for not only the child, but for the parents dealing with issues they may not have imagined prior to choosing to foster or adopt a child.  Children in foster care even if adopted from birth can deal with trauma associated with their experiences, and it can be difficult for parents in learning how to help their child heal and securely attach.

We want to be able to coach and support parents through each phase whether they’re fostering or adopting a child.  In counseling, we address issues such as grief and loss, behavioral challenges, emotional regulation, how to deal with stress, attachment disorders, and trauma to name a few.  No family is alike and no story is the same.  We work to make sure you have guidance, advice, effective parenting techniques and communication and resources to ensure growth and healing.

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