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Anxiety is real, and can be debilitating for some people. Most importantly, in beginning counseling for anxiety, you will learn how to decrease your level of stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and increase your ability to participate in your daily activities. You will want to engage in life again, enjoying time with other people, and on the flip side being able to be okay with being alone.

Anxiety may be a result of a specific life event or trauma. We will work together to explore where your source of the anxiety is stemming from and get to the root of the problem. This way, in the future, you can be better equipped to face these things head on. Anxiety effects over 18.1% of people in the United States. Again, like Depression, it does not discriminate as children, adolescents, adults and elderly can all be affected by anxiety.


“Anxiety is not weakness. Showing up to your life inspite of your anxiety is a strength most will never know.”

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