Norine Vander Hooven, LCSW


Learning is a lifelong process. I’m not quite sure who originally said that, but that is certainly my philosophy.

I believe growth and learning are truly a lifelong process and that philosophy informs everything I do as a therapist, as well as one that supervises other therapists in my field.

For most of my career, I have worked from viewing the client from psychodynamic and attachment-based perspectives.  

Additionally, in the last 4 years, I have also begun utilizing EMDR therapy with most of my clients.  

Therapy with me is not “one size fits all”. As a Client, your first few sessions will be a joint effort to assess what kind of therapy is going to work best for you. I am an active participant with you in your sessions. I will be reflective of what you are telling me, and work with you on the most effective way for you to grow within yourself and in your relationships.

Are you a Therapist Looking for Solutions?

Another role I am especially passionate about is to provide supervision and consultation to therapists who, in general, are looking for support and guidance in their daily therapy practices.  

I am an approved Consultant for EMDR therapy and provide support to those seeking Certification or those going through the CIT process to become an Approved Consultant themselves.

Learning is a life-long process...

I’m not quite sure who originally said that, but that is certainly my philosophy.

Whether you are needing supervision for licensure, or you are already a therapist and are looking for ongoing consultation, I can help! 

There’s so much to learn in our field, as each client brings different challenges and presenting issues.  I am passionate about helping other therapists continue investing in their learning process.

Individual and Group Consultation Services

Consultation with me is not  a “one size fits all”.   Each clinician is different and has varied types of clients.  So, it’s a value for me to learn more about you and what type of consultation you need to fit your style of therapy and the clients you’re focused on helping.  I believe consultation is a critical part of your practice. On-going training, support, and council will help you in your own professional journey as a therapist.  

With Individualized consultation services, I work to be an active participant with you in your professional development as a therapist. If you need consultation services, click here.

EMDR Consultation

One of my passion’s as a therapist and therapy practice owner is to provide consultation services for therapists. As an EMDR Certified therapist, I am able to consult any EMDR therapy therapist (certified or not) who desires ongoing weekly consultation services, as well as one time visits for specific reasons.   If you are working with a complex case and would like to have ongoing consultation and support, please reach out. If you’re looking for more information on my EMDR Consultation services, click here.

Effective Suicide Risk Course

I truly believe learning is a process we all go through every day. The fact is that in the last 15-20 years, suicide has risen tremendously. Therefore, it is so much more important for anyone in the mental health field to be able to access this information. Sometimes reading or researching a topic is just not enough.  In my practice, I provide individual supervision in the area of Suicidology. Not only am I fairly well versed in this area, but over the years I have gathered  a plethora of resources in varied areas of Suicidology. 

In addition to individual supervision, I also have a 6-hour course on Suicide Risk Assessment and Beyond. “Beyond” is because it covers the whole spectrum from before a crisis hits all the way through to post intervention (this is after a person dies by suicide). There are many downloads and assessments as well. For more information on the course, click here. 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. “

Maya Angelou


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